The Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe

The Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe, bordering Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland.
There is a large community of musicians playing folk and country music. Bluegrass music has her own community that does not mix much with the oter genres.
Dozens of music festivals have been created for  country bands and folk singers in the Czech Republic ang for bluegrass too. Only a few festivals are devoted exclusively to bluegrass music. Another possibility to present their musician skills are for musicians country  dancing party and  balls. Many people are interested in country dance, line dance and square dance. Clothing for these events is usually specially tailored.
In the Czech Republic we also have several ranches where the public can see working with western horses, demontrations of lassoing, working with whips and other western skills. Here you can also hear country and bluegrass music.
In recent years, music camps have emerged and expanded, where musicians exchange experiences, learn new techniques and play together. The best musicians from The Czech and Slovak Republics work as lecturers at these camps. Both now separated states once formed one Czechoslovakia state and have very similar languages. Short distances between cities allow musicians to play in more groups of the other state.

On our website we record part of these activities.