Country bluegrass WATERFALL Vodopád /SK/ (Brezno)

Country bluegrass WATERFALL (Brezno)

In the case of the band VODOPÁD we can without doubt say that it is a great Slovak country music. This country and bluegrass band from Brezno was born in the womb of the Horehronie Mountains in the autumn of 1982, thanks to a meeting of two musicians Ondrej Pacig and Jaroslav Malina. They invited other teammates and ripped it off. Their enthusiasm was enormous, and they were inspired by the Greensters, Swimmers and Fešáci. Soon they extended their repertoire with their own work. For this band, any other words are useless. Why? The profile of bands is a calculation of where they have played everywhere, at what events, festivals, and what successes and awards they have won. In the case of VODOPÁD band would not be enough newsletter and maybe even space on the Internet. And again, why ....? Because the Waterfall has been on the music scene continuously without interruption, big radical changes in the cast, to the Slovak conditions, incredible almost 37 years. If we were to write where they performed everywhere, the calculation would be shorter where they did not work and if there was anything to write where they did not work. And I guess it's not a festival they didn't perform at. Their music is rich, captured on eight own albums and other compilation albums. Soon there will be the ninth music record called "When the Star Falling". Their organizational stand for the Slovak music scene is very stable and few can boast such a long-standing tradition as created in this activity Waterfall. In 1983 they started to organize a regular event called Country Evening in ZK ROH Mostáreň Brezno. To date, there have been 38 evenings. And who would like to take part in the 39th Country Dinner will take place on October 12, 2019 in Brezno in Barn. They organized the regional round of the Dusty Road Festival, from which the oldest, continuously lasting TFC festival in Slovakia “Country Behind the City Barn” in Brezno (18th year) and after moving to Černý Balog-Vydrov (Country Behind the Barn) (10th year) ). In 2019 it was already 28th year. The band was not afraid of experimenting with other genres. For example, with the French accordionist Philippe Naudot she recorded 2 albums with chanson music with elements of country and Irish music. Just to illustrate their wide range, we add that the band has worked with several country dance ensembles, breaking into theatrical records, radio microphones or television screens not only at home but also abroad. In 1993, she successfully crossed the borders of the Czech Republic and gained a stable position in France and her music also delighted listeners in the Netherlands, England and Poland. The awards that the band has on its account are just confirmation of their huge contribution to the Slovak country scene. Perhaps the biggest success is the fact that the band Waterfall has remained in good shape until now.
At the festival in Šuňava we will welcome a country star in the following composition:

Ondrej "Pagáč" Paciga st. - double bass, conference
Cyril Kovac - banjo
Stanislav Švantner - guitar, vocal
Peter "Krto" Onderuf - singing
Ondrej Paciga ml. - mandolin, singing
Peter Muránsky - lyrics

If you still miss some of the more intimate information, the band has done it on their site long ago and we didn't want to repeat it.

Ľubo „Puky“ Wágner a Jana „Amazonka“ Matzová